Apollo is a very sweet young man that wants to please when you talk with him! He is relaxed but very playful! He is beautiful carrying on his New Zealand heritage as a blue mitted boy carring chocolate and beautiful blue eyes. Apollo came to us from Ragalon Ragdolls in Australia. I want to express my appreciation to Pam Baker for allowing me the opportunity to have such gorgeous little boy! I will always cherish Apollo as Pam has done and value him as the wonderful, sweet Ragdoll that he is. I am hopeful he passes on his sweet temperment, chocolate and blue genetics as well as big blue eyes. Thank you Pam for entrusting this wonderful boy to with us in the US and become a King for Aria Ragdolls!
Ragalon Apollo of Ariaragdolls
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HCM.                N / N.   
FeLv.                 Negative.     
FIV.                   Negative.    
Blood Type:    
TICA Registration. 
CFA Registration.