Welcome to Aria Ragdolls

Hello, I am Kay Ennis and I am a small, closed cattery, breeder of Ragdoll cats in Las Cruces, NM. We are located about 1 hour north from El Paso, TX and about 3 hours south of Albuquerque. NM. 

My furry family includes cats and dogs. I have always had a special connection and respect for animals. Cats have been my favorite animal since I was a child and for most of my life I have had stray or feral cats. I finally was fortunate enough to have a beautiful calico cat of superior intelligence that I truly adored. As she became older I adopted two beautiful feral cats from a barn that had gorgeous blue eyes and were long haired seal points although not purebred. They were both male and laid on their back, going limp much of the time. At 14 years they passed away of normal causes within three months of one another and I was devastated at the loss thinking I would never experience such a cat ever again. Well, was I wrong! I decided to see these Ragdoll cats people talked about as large sweet animals that went limp in your arms. I went to get two kittens from a breeder and ended up with three. Then two more from the same breeder became available. They were all sold to me as alters. After I fell totally in love, I decided it was imperative to share these gentle, exquisite cats with others and contribute to promotion of the breed. I purchased my first King, Romeo and his beautiful Queen Hazel Grace which I would like to share with you! 
Both Romeo and Hazel Grace are now adults but continue as the foundation of Aria Ragdolls. I hope you will join them and other beautiful Ragdolls including Tesoro, Justin, Rojo, Azzaro, Gabriel, Moco, Rainy, Krissy, Holly, Tessa, Diva, Meomi and Serena that complete my cattery. I anticipate they will continue to produce beautiful kittens that will allow others to experience the joy that I have found.
Breeding and showing Ragdolls is not a job for me. It is a hobby that I am passionate about. While it is work, I don't do it as a source of income but because of the great love I feel for each cat and kitten. Aria Ragdolls is a TICA and CFA registered cattery and I abide by The International Cat Association's code of ethics. I am a member of TICA's Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program, Ragdoll Fanciers Club International and Ragdoll International.