It is important to understand that because these beautiful, large cats have no instincts for defense they are an indoor only cat. They are intelligent and will come to you litter trained so please be aware that if you want a cat that goes outside, an Aria Ragdoll kitten or cat is not for you.

It is also important to know that an Aria Ragdoll cat or kitten is never to be declawed and this is part of the agreement we will be signing. Kittens may scratch when they are young and playing but adults seldom scratch. If you provide perches and condos along with their toys and regular nail trimming they are seldom going to error and scratch furniture or humans.

Another important fact to be aware of is that gentleness is necessary in training. A sturn "NO" has a greater effect than a physical reprimand. Ragdolls do not understand pain and often flop on their back with all legs in the air "giving in". They are unique in so many ways that it is a wonderful experience to have them around. I will be available to assist you with questions you may have. My goal is for you to share this wonderful experience and for the kitten / cat to experience your environment with complete joy!