Aria Ragdolls Purchase Contract



Adoption of CAT or KITTEN “_____________________” is purchased as a pet / show / breeder



SIRE: ______________________________________________________

DAM: ______________________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH: ___________________________

COLOR/PATTERN: __________________________________________

TOTAL PURCHASE PRICE: ______________________

EXPECTED PLACEMENT DATE: ____________________________

DEPOSIT AMOUNT: _______________________ DATE: ____________________

SHIPPING FEE: ____________________________ PAID DATE: _________________



BUYER INFORMATION (REQUIRED): (Hereafter referred to as the Buyer)

NAME: _________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________

CITY: __________________________________ STATE: ______ ZIP: ____________

PHONE: ______________________________ EMAIL: _______________________________


SELLER INFORMATION (REQUIRED): (Hereafter referred to as the SELLER)

NAME: _________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________

CITY: __________________________________ STATE: ______ ZIP: ____________

PHONE: ______________________________ EMAIL: _______________________________










  • The purpose of the deposit is to insure the Buyer’s intent to purchase the cat / kitten described in this agreement.

  • The deposit is refundable at the discretion of the Seller. However, after the cat / kitten is 12 weeks old or 70 days of age, no refunds will be considered.

  • The Buyer must notify the Seller in writing of any changes in the original agreement to purchase the cat / kitten. It is necessary that the Buyer state reasoning for change of mind and this must be in writing through email or letter.

  • The above described cat / kitten will be held for the Buyer and not sold to any other buyer. A breach of contract either verbal, written, through neglect or avoidance of communication on the Buyers part can jeopardize the chance of placing the cat / kitten in a new home or delay placement. Thus the deposit is not refundable under any circumstances after 12 weeks of age.

  • Pet / Show quality deposits of $200.00 is required to hold the kitten of your choice.

Show / breeder deposits of $500.00 are required to hold a show / breeder quality kitten. Please contact Aria Ragdolls prior to sending this deposit as breeder quality kittens are sold only to approved catteries after careful consideration.

  • Retired breeders may be available in the future and only to approved homes. If purchased for less than $500.00 full payment is required to hold the cat.

  • No cat or kitten will be held without a deposit. Seller accepts PayPal instant payments online for the Buyers convenience.

  • The deposit may be transferred to another kitten within 1 year of payment.

  • On rare exceptions, payments may be arranged. This option will be discussed with the Seller, written addendum and any breech of agreement causes forfeiture of monies paid.
  • Rare Exceptions to Refund policy: At the Sellers discretion, the Seller may refund the total deposit due to such issues as Cats ill health, or if the Cat is sold as pet quality and later determined to be show/breeder quality, the Seller may decide to keep Cat and refund total deposit to Buyer.

  • Seller accepts cash, checks, money orders, or credit cards through PayPal.

  • Aria Ragdolls Kitten Prices: Range from $850 to $1000 (see website for pricing). Kittens that are of rare genetic coloring; lilac, chocolate, red or creme are priced higher due to the fewer numbers of kittens.

  • Aria Ragdolls Breeder/Show quality Prices: Range from $2000 to $2500. These are uncommon due to high standard of Seller and restrictions set by breeders from which Aria Ragdolls must abide. Buyer must have an established cattery registered in CFA or TICA, and be a member of at least one Ragdoll club, such as RFCI and RI, and adhere to that clubs Code of Ethics.
  • Final payment is required prior to placement date. If using a check, please allow two weeks for check to clear before your cat / kitten is allowed to go home. Cash or money orders are required if paying on placement date. Under no circumstances will the cat / kitten be allowed to be placed without payment in full.

  • Credit card payments can be made one week prior to placement by going to our PayPal link and then sending a payment to PayPal is the preferred method of payment as it is immediate and a secure method for both Buyer and Seller.

    It is important to note that placement can be refused at any time in the process if Seller believes sale not suitable for the Cat / Kitten.






    This cat / kitten will be kept strictly as an indoor pet at all times. It will not be caged or mistreated in any way. If this cat / kitten has been found to have been neglected by the Buyer or anyone associated with the Buyer or is in ill health for an unreasonable length of time without treatment or if the Buyer does not abide by the terms of this contract, the Buyer will surrender the cat / kitten to the Seller immediately and unconditionally.

  1. This cat cannot be sold to a pet store, research laboratory, animal shelter, or any similar facility.

  2. Without exception, NO Aria Ragdoll cat or kitten will be declawed, otherwise any and all health guarantees are null and void. If this agreement is broken the Buyer will return the cat / kitten to the Seller, with no reimbursement or refund to Buyer.

  3. Buyer agrees that the cat will not be given the inoculations for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), feline leukemia virus (FeLv) or feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). If Buyer chooses to inoculate for these any and all health guarantees in this agreement become null and void.

  4. The Seller cannot warranty the cat / kitten against any adverse reactions to future vaccinations or any future health problems other than genetic defects.

  5. If for any reason Buyer becomes unwilling or unable to keep the cat or kitten and provide the cat or kitten with proper food, water, shelter, and medical attention, Buyer agrees to surrender the cat or kitten to Seller, unconditionally, with no reimbursement or refund to Buyer.

  6. If buyer is purchasing the cat or kitten as a show quality cat, the Buyer may show the

    cat or kitten in shows; however, the Seller makes no representations or guarantees.






    To Qualify for health guarantee the following conditions must be met:


  1. All vaccinations must be kept up-to-date throughout the 2 year period.
  2. Kittens should remain on Fromm and Acana brand dry kitten food, Wellness canned food or a similar premium or ultra-premium food until 12 months of age and then should be switched to their adult brand dry of the kitten food.






  • NOTE: Buyer is aware they are purchasing a live animal and accept responsibility of any and all medical treatment and care associated with this animal after release date.
  • If at any time within two (2) years of date of birth the cat / kitten dies due to heredity or congenital defects, the Seller will replace the cat / kitten with the first acceptable replacement cat. All transportation costs are responsibility of Buyer.
  • If the cat / kitten is older than two (2) years of age prior to placement, and the cat dies within one (1) year of date of purchase due to heredity or congenital defect, the Seller will reimburse the cost of the cat or a kitten may be purchased at ½ off pet price. All transportation costs are responsibility of Buyer.
  • The Seller will replace the deceased cat once the Buyer provides proof of defect in the form of a complete post-mortem exam, OR vet records indicating diagnoses from at least two examinations by different Vets prior to death. However, FIP can only be determined from a post mortem exam, and clinical diagnosis is not acceptable. Please send all vet records from placement date.
  • The cat / kitten will be replaced with the next available acceptable kitten if seller is still breeding. Buyer accepts possibility that the Seller may retire from breeding of such cats at any time and will no longer maintain an interest in the cat.
  • No monetary value will be refunded at any time. Buyer assumes all risk involved with buying a living pet.






  • Vaccinations: The Cat will have received at least two vaccinations. (Fel-o-Vax PCT)

    One at 6 weeks and a second at 9 weeks of age. A third vaccination should be given three weeks later, around 12 weeks. The cat / kitten should then receive a booster yearly.

  • Rabies shots will be given to the cat / kitten as required by the law. Check with your veterinarian for state laws.

  • Cat or kitten will have received deworming if he/she has tested positive for parasites.

  • Pet/Show quality kittens will be neutered / spayed prior to placement if in good health as

    deemed by a veterinarian.

  • Breeder quality kittens will receive within 6 months of age, TICA or CFA litter

    registration papers with breeding rights.

  • Pet quality kittens will receive within 6 months of age, TICA or CFA litter

    registration papers via mail.

  • It is the responsibility of the Buyer to complete registration for cat / kitten for either TICA or CFA and if both registrations are desired the Buyer must use multiple generation proof for the second registration. All fees are the responsibility of the Buyer.






The following is only applicable if the cat has been purchased unaltered with Breeding papers:

  1. Buyer agrees not to Breed this cat before one ( 1) year of age, unless mutually agreed upon between the Buyer and Seller, for the well-being of the Cat.
  2. If after 2 years of age for females, or 2 ½ years of age for males, the Cat has not produced at least one kitten due to being sterile, the Seller will replace the Cat with a second breeding cat or refund purchase price at Sellers discretion, assuming Buyer can provide proof of diagnoses.
  3. Buyer agrees that any kittens produced by this Cat and sold as pets will be placed or sold spayed or neutered.
  4. Buyer agrees to keep the Cat in a sanitary, protected environment, only being caged when necessary, such as birthing, heat cycles, illness, or, as is often necessary, for an unaltered breeding male’s behavior.
  5. If purchasing a male cat, at no times will the cat be allowed to be used for stud service. This policy promotes contagious diseases among catteries, and is highly unpopular with Ragdoll breeders today.
  6. If purchasing a female cat, the cat should be retired from breeder prior to its sixth (6) year of age, or less. If purchasing a male cat, the cat should be retired from breeding prior to its eighth (8) year of age, or less. Upon retirement, the cat should be offered to the Seller at no cost who will likely spay or neuter, and offer the cat to be placed in a responsibly screened pet home.







  • Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with shipping and any cost associated with delay with plane due to weather or mechanical failure resulting in kenneling.
  • Full payment of the kitten price and shipping cost is required prior to boarding of plane.
  • Shipping will be through an Airline approved for pet travel. Specific questions can be answered by calling the airlines directly.
  • Airline costs are nonrefundable, and if at any time, the Cat is returned to Seller, or an additional Cat is used for replacement in accordance to Heath Policy, Buyer will be responsible for all additional shipping costs.







  1. The Seller will not be held liable for any veterinary or health care costs occurring while the cat is in possession of the Buyer, except as provided for by the aforementioned limited warranty.

  2. The Seller’s maximum liability to the Buyer for any and all losses, claims, damages or liability of any kind shall be limited to the amount paid by the Buyer to the Seller under this agreement. Any expenses for health care requested of the Seller by the Buyer will be paid at the discretion of the Seller. If the Buyer fails to comply with any aspect of this agreement, the Buyer forfeits any rights the Buyer may otherwise have had.

  3. If legal proceedings become necessary, the Buyer agrees all legal and / or court procedures will take place in the county in which the Seller resides. The Buyer agrees to pay all court costs associated with such proceedings.


This contract establishes the overall terms and conditions applicable for the purchase of a Ragdoll cat or kitten from Aria Ragdolls Cattery. All terms and conditions remain in effect for the life of the pet and any agreed upon changes only affect the modified portion of this agreement and all other terms and agreements remain intact and in effect. Any changes require an addendum with both the Buyer and Sellers signature with date and notarized.


By signing below, the parties of the Buyer and the Seller indicate they have read, agree to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth and are in full agreement with all of the above provisions and conditions of this contract.






  • New Kitten/Cats often show physical signs of stress within the first two weeks in a new home including but not limited to: sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, diarrhea, constipation, or hair loss. If any of these symptoms persist for longer than 72 hours after undivided attention has been given, please seek a licensed veterinarian care for peace of mind. Kitten/Cats often hide in their new homes for the first 72 hours. Please keep water, food, and a litter box nearby until your kitten acclimates.
  • The New Kitten/Cat should be kept in a smaller area with limited and supervised exploration of the home for the first week. Unlike humans, cats find small spaces comforting when faced with new situations. We have found that keeping the kitten/cat in the bedroom with you, or in the bathroom next to your bedroom, has offered the most comfort in the first weeks. Keep the kitten’s carrier, food, water and litter in this smaller space until your cat/kitten has acclimated to your environment.
  • Seller would like pictures and updates when possible from the Buyer via emailing an electronic picture. We love each and every one of our kittens and want to see how they are growing and developing. Email:





Buyer agrees to the website use of the kitten / cat pictures by Aria Ragdolls Initial ______


Please be a responsible pet owner and most of all enjoy your family addition.

                                                                       Ragdolls can live to 15+ years.


I accept this contract and agree to abide by the terms thereof:


BUYER(s) NAME(s) (printed):___________________________________________________


BUYER SIGNITURE______________________________________ DATE____________


BUYER SIGNITURE______________________________________ DATE____________


SELLER SIGNITURE:___________________________________ DATE____________


DATE RECEIVED:_____________________________